How many residents and lots will there be at Pegasus?
When complete, Pegasus will be home to approximately 4,500 residents on 1,636 residential house sites.
Do property owners need sign-off from Pegasus on house plans before applying for building consent?
Yes. Owners are required to submit building plans to Pegasus for design approval prior to applying to Waimakariri District Council for build consent. Please see here for a copy of the Plan Approval Checklist and submission information.
Who is responsible for running the town?
Pegasus is within the domain of the Waimakariri District Council. It is run in the same way as other towns and suburbs with regard to services like rubbish collection, street and road maintenance and other civic services.
Are there any additional costs, other than rates, if I buy in Pegasus?
No. The sections are no different to sections in any other town.
Who do I contact to buy property in Pegasus?
Visit the Available Properties to see a map of available sections and section prices or contact Justin Hartley on 021 272 8310 or email.
What educational facilities are available at Pegasus?
Pegasus Bay Primary School opened in May 2014 by the Ministry of Education. Previously Waikuku School, the year 1-8 primary school will provide full primary education and cater up to 600 pupils. For more information, visit pegasusbay.school.nz
Nature’s Play Pre-school is now open providing an early learning environment for children from 3 months to 6 years.
Several play groups and music groups also operate within the town.
What access to Pegasus facilities is offered to residents?
Residential Family Memberships to the Pegasus Golf & Sports Club are available to section owners and residents of Pegasus. This offer provides access to the gymnasium and tennis courts, along with preferential Club membership benefits.
Section owners and residents can also upgrade their membership to secure access to unlimited use of the championship Pegasus Golf course.
Full details of benefits and prices are available from the Pegasus Golf & Sports Club.
What is the source of the Pegasus water supply?
Pegasus draws its water from its own 200m deep supply wells that are supported by a number of back-up wells. The water is treated and complies with the standards and requirements of the Waimakariri District Council.
What sort of storm-water system does Pegasus have?
Pegasus has a specifically designed storm-water soakage system for the public roads and private sections.
The swales outside most properties in Pegasus perform a very important role in the functioning of the storm-water system. Swales are designed to manage water runoff, filter pollutants and increase rainwater infiltration. It is critical to the efficient operation of this system that cars are not parked on the swales in the streets.
Some properties have a storm-water soak pit on them. Some soak pit maintenance is required by the property owner for these pits.
Who owns the Lake?
The Lake has been established and developed by the developers. It will be vested to the Waimakariri District Council as a public asset.
What is the water quality of the lake?
Water tests are undertaken weekly in summer and monthly in winter. All of these tests have fallen within the required water quality standards.
Can non-residents use the lake at Pegasus?
Yes. The lake is a public asset and available for public use.
What sort of sewage system is available in the town?
A standard Council town reticulated system serves the entire town.
Is gas available at Pegasus?
Gas is reticulated throughout the town. The piped LPG network has been installed by OnGas Ltd. To get connected to gas, contact 0800 4OnGas (0800 46 64 27) or visit ongas.co.nz
Who is the power supplier?
Power at Pegasus is predominantly supplied by Contact Energy.  They can be contacted on 0800 80 90 00 or at contact.co.nz
If you would like to use an alternative supplier, you will need to discuss this directly with your preferred supplier.
Who is the telecommunications provider at Pegasus?
Vodafone is the provider in Pegasus and offers great packages that include phone line, calling, internet, TV and mobile. Please note that there is a one-off connection fee charged by your service provider when connecting to the property for the first time. For information on Vodafone’s services please visit: vodafone.co.nz or phone Vodafone on 0508 888 800.
Is there any dedicated security at Pegasus?
Community Watch is operated by Pegasus residents. A security vehicle has been made available and is used by volunteers from the community to patrol the area each Friday and Saturday night. Random patrols at other times are also undertaken.
Does Pegasus have a Residents’ Association?
Yes, there is an active residents’ group within the town. The independently operated Association is contactable via email at pegasusresidentsgroup@gmail.com or visit pegasusresidentsgroup.com 
Can I host an event at Pegasus?
Yes. Pegasus offers the perfect setting for all kinds of exciting events. Pegasus Golf & Sports Club can help deliver a wide range of social events, including business functions, seminars and meetings. 
What are the distances to main centres?
Pegasus Town is only minutes from Christchurch, and a close distance to many other North Canterbury towns and areas.

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