Leading builders driving Pegasus growth surge

12/07/2013 - Development, Uncategorized



Some of Canterbury’s leading builders are headlining the surge of activity at Pegasus.

New homes at the town are being completed at a rate of 20 a month and new build consents have averaged 19 each month this year.

Companies such as Mike Greer Homes and Generation Homes are active in the Pegasus building boom.

“We currently have 20 homes under construction at Pegasus,” said Mike Greer, founder and managing director of Mike Greer Homes.

“Pegasus offers much more infrastructure than any other development in Canterbury and that is increasingly attractive to our clients.

“The lake, the golf club, the school and the proximity to outdoor activities are all very important benefits to home buyers.

“Pegasus also offers a wide range of sections sizes and configurations compared to most other developments that are medium density with limited range,” he said.

At the end of May, more than 530 houses were complete at Pegasus and the total housing stock is forecast to tip over the 1,000 milestone by the end of 2014.

Almost half of the recently released 111 sections in Pegasus Stage 10 have sold already and fewer than 20 sections remain in the constructed town lot range within the town.

National residential construction company, Generation Homes, has recently built its first display home in North Canterbury at Pegasus. The company sees a strong long-term future for Pegasus and is now committing resources at the show home and to the work flowing from it.

“Generation Homes has worked with Todd Property at some of its other developments and we value the confidence and certainty that Todd Property brings to Pegasus,” said Carl Storey, a Director Generation Homes.

“We are predominantly talking to families at our show home. They value the recreational facilities at Pegasus, the growing infrastructure and the culture of community that exists in the town.

“The primary school, scheduled to open in 2014, is also a significant attraction to families. It will be modern and well-resourced technologically, providing residents at Pegasus with educational options on their doorstep from pre-school right through to year eight,” he said.

According to Mike Greer, the investment into Pegasus by the Todd Property Group has also been a major incentive to attract key builders to the town.

“Todd Property brings a certainty and confidence to the Town’s future that had not previously been present.

“That is important to builders, land buyers and retail and commercial tenants,” he said.

Two Stages within Pegasus, delivering a total of a further 247 sections will be released for sale before the end of 2013.